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Comprehensive Wheel Services

Why settle for a normal set of wheels when you can replace them with a stunning set of custom wheels? At Charley's Service of Atlanta, MO, you'll get a variety of custom wheels that will give a versatile look to your vehicle. You will have your friends and on-lookers admiring your car like never before.


Add sparkle and shine to your vehicle with our custom wheels! You'll get a wide range of stylish custom wheels with different designs that will leave you delighted at our tire store.

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Pocket-friendly tires for your vehicles

Are you worried about spending a fortune on your custom wheels and tires? Not to worry! At Charley's Service, you'll get top-quality tires and custom wheels for affordable prices.


Enjoy durable and branded tires that will enhance your comfort and provide a better driving experience on the road. Our professionals carry years of experience and can help you select the right tire that meets your needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about our quality tires.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Vehicle  

Stylish custom wheels at affordable prices